martes, 4 de noviembre de 2014


Hello everyone, i can't believe it's already November. This year has moved so fast, i didn't even feel my favorite month: October. My favorite celebrations are held in october, Halloween and Day of the Dead. I didn't do much this year though. I spent Halloween night watching horror movies with my girl and eating pizza. It was not our initial plan. Actually, we wanted to go to the graveyard at night. Its not always open after 6pm, but since it was Day of the Dead, there's a festival there, you can walk through the tombstones, listen to legends and see all the altars that are placed on the streets near the graveyard. We couldn't go because my car broke and the bus system sucks in my city, especially at night, and our friends are afraid to go there at night (????!!) so, plan frustrated. It's open for a few other nights through the year, so we've gone before and we love it, because it's very calm and beautiful....... but it was Halloween night! Anyway, next year we're going, even if we have to go walking.

Ok, back to the subject, Inktober. I saw the challenge last year, but i didn't participate, and this year between ending some commissions, being a teacher and sobbing because i didn't carved a pumpkin, i manage to make 3 sketches (i know, i'm slow).

I really enjoyed, i haven't ink traditionally in a long time and i saw some amazing artwork. I mean, have you seen Joverine and CreatureBox inktobers?? Insane.

Later i discovered Drawlloween. Daily sketches Halloween related? Awesome. But i couldn't draw anything for that challenge.

So now, i have two more things to being excited about october.

See you next time!

lunes, 27 de octubre de 2014

Judge Dredd

New artwork and first entry in english. I loved this character since the first time i saw the movie. He's so badass, don't you think?